Tropical Green

Tropical Green

Zhi Tea

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Sencha green tea, rose petals, marigolds, safflowers, pineapple, papaya

Water: 175-185°F | Leaves: 2 heaping teaspoons per 12 ounce cup | Infusion Time: 3 minutes

Well-balanced, nuanced, with a flavorful green tea base and true flavor extracts.

Hand blended in small artisan batches, this tea is meant to please all the senses. Visually stunning with rose petals, marigolds and safflowers, this aromatic tea is also beautiful to watch steep. The perfectly steamed sencha green tea is also blended with bunches of pineapple and papaya pieces for a colorful and incredibly delightful tea. This is fantastic chilled tea, as well. We made this to be an unabashedly indulgent tea, so dive in. Can be resteeped with great results.