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Organic green tea

Leaf Amount
9g | 1.5 Tbsp
Water Amount
12oz | 350mL
Water Temperature
Steep Time: 45 seconds 1st infusion, 15 seconds 2nd infusion

Premium Japanese green tea with a rich mouthfeel and long-lasting fresh flavor. Sencha is the traditional, daily steamed green tea of Japan. Our Sencha is made from prized tea bush cultivars including Sae Midori and Okumidori, and is a blend of the first and second flush harvests from organic farms on Kyushu island in southern Japan. Kyushu's mineral rich volcanic soil, coupled with skillful organic soil management, creates a sweet and full-bodied green tea flavor. This chumushi sencha yields a slightly opaque, bold green infusion with deep umami and juicy mouthfeel.